Monday, October 7, 2013

Music Review ♥ Lorde

Hello everyone! So lately I've been feeling obligated to share some of my music discoveries with you guys. I've gotten a lot of comments whenever I've posted playlists about my music taste and I felt like it was only right to share my findings with you all. 

So a few months ago while having a roam around Spotify I came across a particularly interesting character--Lorde. I'm honestly not sure how many people know of her yet in other countries (they just started playing one of her songs on the radio where I live), but I found her there haha. Anyway, she is a fantastic singer and her songs are so interesting and different. I love her style of music and its almost difficult to compare her to other artists because shes so unique. If I had to I would say that the style of her music is like Vampire Weekend mixed with upbeat Lana Del Rey and a sprinkle of edgy Marina and the Diamonds haha. Her stuff is definitely worth a listen though, and she has two EPs out: Love Club and Tennis Court and just released her first album called Pure Heroine. Below are links to a few of her songs:

My favorites are Buzzcut Season and Glory and Gore! Thank you for reading!

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  1. I love Lorde! She's from my country and has now become a national icon haha :)