Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beauty Haul ♥

Hello my lovelies! It is the weekend once again and I am back with another post! I'm going to start trying to write more during the week as well, because one post a week just isn't doing it for me. Anyway, recently I celebrated my birthday (yay!) and along with receiving a thing or two I also bought a few beauty products with my birthday money! This is a compilation of gifts as well as products I purchased from Sephora, Ulta and Target. Enjoy! xx

The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette I received as a gift! I'm obsessed (as you can probably tell because the fingerprinted mirror and lack of eyeshadow brush show that its been much loved)!

At Ulta I picked up two Real Techniques brushes! I got the powder and blush brush! (Don't judge my dirty brushes they've only been used once and I did not have the energy to clean them today haha)

From Target I bought a Maybelline Color Senstational lipstick (one of my all time favorite lipsticks!) in 895 On Fire Red and I also picked up a Sonia Kashuk lipstick in 91 Pink Punch! From Sephora I ordered the Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in the color Jealous 07!

I also bought a Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics concealer from Sephora but they sent me the wrong color :( so I will be sending it back and repurchasing. I also got a ton of other freebies from Sephora including makeup remover and mascara! Thank you for reading! Have a fabulous week! xx 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Liebster Award 1 & 2 ♥

Hello lovelies! I have been nominated for two Liebster Awards! I was nominated by Bea, who is lovely and one of the first blogs I ever started reading, you can find her posts HERE. And also by the wonderful Nadine who you can find HERE


1. Answer the 10 questions which your lovely  nominator has given you
2. Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers and link them in your post (I went via Bloglovin').
3.Come up with 10 more cool and crazy questions for your nominees to answer! 
4.Inform your lovely nominees so they can do their responses!

I've decided to take 5 questions from Bea and 5 from Nadine. Here are my answers:


Why did you start a blog?
I started this blog because I love to write and also love sharing my opinions on various things--beauty, fashion, etc. I felt like blogging was becoming more popular and that my friends were getting tired of me rave about products when they truly didn't care! haha

Which is your favourite clothes shop?

In reality my favorite clothes shop is Forever 21, I literally think half of my wardrobe is from that store! In my dreams I'd love to spend endless amounts of money at Top Shop, Urban or Brandy Melville.

Which is your favourite makeup brand?

I really love Maybelline lippies, but definitely NARS for foundation. If NARS wasn't so ridiculously overpriced (I'm seriously not paying $25 for frickin' blush) I would definitely buy it more often.

How do you overcome bloggers block?
I never have so much as bloggers block, but more like a couple of days where I'm honestly just too lazy to write anything. I just think ugh I have to take pictures and edit them and write about them, when really all I want to do is lie in bed. But I do have a solution for that! On days where I have a lot of ideas, motivation or time I write up 5 or 6 blog posts and keep them as drafts so whenever I get lazy or get bloggers block I just post a "premade" blogpost.

Would you like to make YouTube videos?
I would totally make youtube videos, and my sister and I are actually planning to! I'm just afraid no one would watch them, or I wouldn't have anything to talk about, or I'd get a lot of hate or something!


                                                 What was your best birthday gift ever?
Okay I may be jumping the gun here, but tomorrow's my birthday actually (yay) and the only thing I asked for was a makeup vanity...fingers crossed? 

                          How long do you spending reading other people's blogs everyday?
Since school has started I haven't been spending very much time reading blogs or even writing for mine. But on the weekends I dedicate at least an hour or two to reading and writing up posts!

                                     If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
I would wish that my family and I would be happy and healthy for the rest of our lives

                            Which 3 people would you bring with you on a deserted island?
I would bring Les Stroud (from Survivorman), Harry Styles and Ashton Irwin.

                                      What is your all time favourite beauty product?

It would probably have to be any of the Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks because I am obsessed!

My blog nominees are:

Lauren at The Curious Ginger
Christina at Style Storey
Catherine at Peaches and Cream
Becky at My Beauty Edit
Giedre at Giedre's Universe
Rebecca at 10 Downing Chic
Amy and Louise at Daisy Belle
Libby at Life of Libby

My questions are:
1. If you could only live with one beauty product for the rest of your life what would it be?

2. Who is you favorite music artist?
3. What is your favorite place to shop?
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
5. Who is your dream spouse?
6. What was your favorite activity/event from this summer? Or what are you looking forward to?
7. If you could only have one brand of makeup what would it be?
8. Who is your favorite youtuber?
9. What inspired you to start your blog?

10. What do you want to do when you grow up?

Thank you for reading! I hope you all had a lovely week, and from now on I will probably only be posting on the weekends because of school! xx


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to School ♥ Playlist

 *not my picture*

Hello everyone! It is once again that time of year--for me at least! Back to school (asdfghjkl;). I know many of the blogs I read and many of my followers are just dipping their toes into their summer breaks, but I unfortunately head back to school tomorrow. Meh. This means that although I have even less time than I did this summer to write up blog posts, although much more inspiration, I will probably write even more in efforts to try and avoid school work (hehe)! But for now I am going to send you all off with a back-to-school playlist. These songs are the ones I will be waking up and getting ready for school with! Enjoy xx

001- Chocolate by The 1975
This song has a super catchy beat, despite the actual meaning of the song. My advice is to just listen, enjoy and not look to closely into the meaning of the lyrics ;)

002- Try Hard by 5 Seconds of Summer
5SOS is not my usual type of band, but I one of my favorite nonetheless. Try Hard is a super cute song, kind of pop-rocky and definitely my favorite of theirs.

003- Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
This song is weird, no doubt about that. But if you're into weird music that gives you a little wake-up boost then this is for you.

004- Lisa Baby by Walk the Moon
Walk the Moon is my all time favorite band (and I plan to do a whole post on just them in the future) and this is one of my favorite songs. Also try I Can Lift A Car another favorite, and I have yet to show this song to someone who didn't like it.

005- Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
No doubt any of Two Door Cinema Club's songs will wake you up (and if you listen to them you'll know what I mean). But this is one of my favorites of their's.

006- 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train
I don't usually listen to "radio music" or songs that are super popular, but I do really like Train and I love this song. Its really catchy and fun to listen to.

007- Electric Feel by MGMT
This may go down on the list of my most favorite songs ever. Its dubbed as Psychedelic Rock (wtf?) but is one of the best songs I've heard in a while, and everyone I show it to likes it as well.

008- Give Me Too Much Love by Ed Sheeran
I don't know what genius in the world of music and social networking websites came up with this, but I am so glad that they did! Give Me Too Much Love is a spin off of Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love, its actually Give Me Love layered over four times and is seriously one of the best songs I've ever heard!

009- 1901 by Phoenix
I've know about this song for years and it somehow always ends up back on my playlists. Thats a good sign right?

010- Best Song Ever by One Direction
I know I hate me as much as you hate me right now, but what can I say-- I'm a Directioner! And these boys have taken over my life, so obviously they needed to be on my back to school playlist!

Thank you for reading and/or listening! I hope you like my picks! I think I'll be doing more of these soon because I really love music and have a lot to share and even more still to discover! xx

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review ♥ Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Gah another review! Whatever, I love these things. Also I promise that my California trip post is coming soooon! I just have a lot on my plate right now considering I start school in less than a week (*cries*), and I'm also super lazy haha. But nonetheless I will get it done!

Hello all! I want to review these oil blotting sheets my sister picked up at target the other day, because they are ah-ma-zing. Enjoy! xx

Price: $10

So, first off the price is a little high for just 50 oil blotting sheets, but I'm telling you it is totally worth it. I have tried plenty of oil blotting sheets, because even though in the morning my skin doesn't want to leave even a patch of my face moisturized, by the middle of the day my nose and forehead have started producing excessive amounts of icky oil. Most blotting sheets are paper thin, basically tissue paper, like objects and although they aren't supposed to take your makeup off, sometimes they just do. These sheets however are very different from any I've tried before. They don't feel like tissue paper at all, they feel almost stretchy and quite thick. They won't take any makeup off, literally just the oil on your face. The packaging is also quite handy, because it comes with a little removable sticky pad that picks up a sheet each time you open it (neat right?). Overall I give these oil blotting sheets 5 Grace faces (youtube joke har har)! Definitely worth a try!
Thank you for reading! xx