Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to School ♥ Playlist

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Hello everyone! It is once again that time of year--for me at least! Back to school (asdfghjkl;). I know many of the blogs I read and many of my followers are just dipping their toes into their summer breaks, but I unfortunately head back to school tomorrow. Meh. This means that although I have even less time than I did this summer to write up blog posts, although much more inspiration, I will probably write even more in efforts to try and avoid school work (hehe)! But for now I am going to send you all off with a back-to-school playlist. These songs are the ones I will be waking up and getting ready for school with! Enjoy xx

001- Chocolate by The 1975
This song has a super catchy beat, despite the actual meaning of the song. My advice is to just listen, enjoy and not look to closely into the meaning of the lyrics ;)

002- Try Hard by 5 Seconds of Summer
5SOS is not my usual type of band, but I one of my favorite nonetheless. Try Hard is a super cute song, kind of pop-rocky and definitely my favorite of theirs.

003- Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
This song is weird, no doubt about that. But if you're into weird music that gives you a little wake-up boost then this is for you.

004- Lisa Baby by Walk the Moon
Walk the Moon is my all time favorite band (and I plan to do a whole post on just them in the future) and this is one of my favorite songs. Also try I Can Lift A Car another favorite, and I have yet to show this song to someone who didn't like it.

005- Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
No doubt any of Two Door Cinema Club's songs will wake you up (and if you listen to them you'll know what I mean). But this is one of my favorites of their's.

006- 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train
I don't usually listen to "radio music" or songs that are super popular, but I do really like Train and I love this song. Its really catchy and fun to listen to.

007- Electric Feel by MGMT
This may go down on the list of my most favorite songs ever. Its dubbed as Psychedelic Rock (wtf?) but is one of the best songs I've heard in a while, and everyone I show it to likes it as well.

008- Give Me Too Much Love by Ed Sheeran
I don't know what genius in the world of music and social networking websites came up with this, but I am so glad that they did! Give Me Too Much Love is a spin off of Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love, its actually Give Me Love layered over four times and is seriously one of the best songs I've ever heard!

009- 1901 by Phoenix
I've know about this song for years and it somehow always ends up back on my playlists. Thats a good sign right?

010- Best Song Ever by One Direction
I know I hate me as much as you hate me right now, but what can I say-- I'm a Directioner! And these boys have taken over my life, so obviously they needed to be on my back to school playlist!

Thank you for reading and/or listening! I hope you like my picks! I think I'll be doing more of these soon because I really love music and have a lot to share and even more still to discover! xx


  1. I love your music taste! I love songs 1,2,8 and 10 :-)

    1. Thanks so much! And thank you for the Liebster Award nomination btw! :) xx