Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review ♥ Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Gah another review! Whatever, I love these things. Also I promise that my California trip post is coming soooon! I just have a lot on my plate right now considering I start school in less than a week (*cries*), and I'm also super lazy haha. But nonetheless I will get it done!

Hello all! I want to review these oil blotting sheets my sister picked up at target the other day, because they are ah-ma-zing. Enjoy! xx

Price: $10

So, first off the price is a little high for just 50 oil blotting sheets, but I'm telling you it is totally worth it. I have tried plenty of oil blotting sheets, because even though in the morning my skin doesn't want to leave even a patch of my face moisturized, by the middle of the day my nose and forehead have started producing excessive amounts of icky oil. Most blotting sheets are paper thin, basically tissue paper, like objects and although they aren't supposed to take your makeup off, sometimes they just do. These sheets however are very different from any I've tried before. They don't feel like tissue paper at all, they feel almost stretchy and quite thick. They won't take any makeup off, literally just the oil on your face. The packaging is also quite handy, because it comes with a little removable sticky pad that picks up a sheet each time you open it (neat right?). Overall I give these oil blotting sheets 5 Grace faces (youtube joke har har)! Definitely worth a try!
Thank you for reading! xx


  1. Thank you for this! I've been looking into some blotting sheets for a while now and was considering buying these. I always get oily skin at school and it's not the best look. We don't have a target in the UK but if I ever went to the US I'd definitely go there :)

    Meg xxx

    1. They are so awesome! And the same happens to me at school too! I've been trying to see if they have them anywhere in the UK, but no luck! :/ xx