Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Review ♥

Hello lovelies! So recently on one of my (frequent) makeup research frenzies, I came across something quite interesting. Since I started wearing makeup my skin has not been pleasant. I had acne that didn't seem to budge and also tiny, flesh colored bumps adorning my cheeks and forehead. During this research I looked up two makeup products I'd used before--both having made me breakout-- and their ingredients. In both of these products (and later I found nearly all the products that have made me breakout) there was one common ingredient-- demithicone! Dimethicone is a type of silicone, and from what I've found my skin and silicone do not bode well. So in order to help stop my breakouts I have gone organic! With makeup that is. One step on my way to better skin was to purchase a new foundation--and Bare Minerals it was!

I purchased the Ready foundation for $29 online and got matched to the color R330 Golden Tan. This is a compact powder foundation with medium to full coverage. I immediately loved this foundation when I first used it. I apply it with the Bare Minerals Precision Face Brush (last picture), and get wonderful coverage. I still use a concealer under it though, because I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation and redness. The foundation is very light on your skin and doesn't feel like you are wearing pounds of makeup. Its small and light too, so its no burden to carry around for quick little touch ups! This foundation also lasts forever. Yesterday I wore it from the time I left for school until late last night when I went to the movies (nearly 17 hours). I only touched up a few times, to get rid of shiny spots, and it lasted almost perfectly the entire time! I am more than satisfied with this foundation, I love it and think its absolutely wonderful! I recommend this to those looking for a new foundation that is also good for your skin, gives good coverage, and is long lasting!

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  1. Love this post Jordan! I need to purchase my first Bare Minerals product and this may have to be it. I'm the same with my skin, as soon as I started to wear more make up I broke out, it's not great :)

    Meg ♡

    1. This foundation is awesome! I used NARS Sheer Glow before and I always felt so gross after wearing it for a long time, but with this it feels good all day! :) xx