Saturday, September 28, 2013

Makeup Storage and Organization ♥

Hello my beauties! I've been seeing a few posts like these floating around and thought I would write up one of my own! I recently got a vanity for my birthday (ahh!) and have now been wasting away my days applying my makeup at it and messing up its nice white top. So, without further a do, here is my makeup collection!

This is what my vanity looks like (and there's me hi)! On the left I have a small storage unit (thingy?) which I use to store all my boring non-makeupy things. I usually keep samples, lady products (eh-hem), and extra products. On the right I have a little cubby, where I store my face products (like moisturizer and makeup remover and such), extra makeup bags, and the last cubby has mason jars which I sometimes use for storage. 

My vanity has two small drawers on the surface of it. On the top of the left drawer I keep a little, sparkly basket. I keep the face products I use most in here--acne medication, vaseline, and my (beloved) juice beauty moisturizer. On the top of the left drawer I keep two little buckets, one with Q-tips and the other with makeup brushes (don't judge my dirty makeup brushes--I promise I'll clean them!!)

In the right drawer I have some of my eyeliners and mascaras, others are strewn around my house and left in my makeup bag in my backpack (oops!). As you can tell I have a few favorite mascaras as well as one favorite liquid eyeliner (considering I own five of the same kind omg). 

The left drawer holds all of my lip products! Lip balms, lip glosses, lips stains, lipsticks--you name it! I have to admit this drawer is getting a wee bit crowded, and this isn't even all my lipsticks! Today I counted at least five others in my backpack for school haha

The vanity has one big drawer--and I know it looks scary and messy now, but it has a rhyme and reason (kind of)! 

The first section of the drawer I keep all of my foundations, mainly drug store and then some higher-end! I have quite a few foundations due to the fact that my olive skin is hard to match and my skin is sensitive! I've literally put my skin through hell just trying to find a foundation that works haha

The second sections--where it gets a little jumbled-- holds a few different things. In the back I have an acrylic container that holds all of my powders (there are a few more you can't see). It also has a few concealers, blushes and primers!

The last section of the drawer holds all of my eye shadow--and then some! In the back I have all of my big eye shadow palettes, including Naked and Naked 2 as well as and Ulta palette and and E.L.F. palette. I have a few smaller quad and trio (?) eyeshadow palettes and in the little cups I have single eye shadows as well as some random eye products!

And with that I have my makeup vanity! My collection is definitely not as extensive as some, but I'm very proud of my makeup and love testing it out and trying new things! Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day :) xx


  1. Makeup Collections are my favourite posts, your vanity looks lovely! xx

    1. I love them too! And thanks it was seriously the best gift ever xx