Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Haul ♥ Clothes, Accessories, Beauty

While I was so busy the last few days (which I mentioned in my previous post) I had some time to shop around. I think I just have a natural instinct for finding things in stores that I don't really need. But alas! I had money and my hands were empty! And so forth came this haul. Enjoy xx

The first place I stopped at was Forever 21 (my weakness despite how poorly made everything is) after a hair appointment I had a few days ago. And the one closest to my house is two levels, so life is just great there all the time. I picked up this little top for $11.99 on sale. I've been looking for one of these denim tops for forever! This one is a sleeveless denim top with small studs by the shoulders.

The next thing I snagged from Forever was this cute little makeup bag, for only $6.80. I wanted a new one for school that was big enough to hold all of my beauty and girly related things, because mine last year was thin and flat and barely even held my makeup. This one is perfect size, its coral colored with small gold triangles.

I also was in major need of a new wallet. My old one--which used to be white--is now torn and disgustingly gray. I found this one on ebay for $6.99 (with free shipping yay!) and couldn't resist. It also has a little pocket to hold your phone, which is great for me because I'm always running out the door just grabbing my phone when I don't want to carry my purse and end up not having my debit card, cash or ID! So this is just perfect, its small but spacious and mint green. 

While I was out shopping with my friend we stepped into Bath and Body Works (which was a mistake because we ended up buying things we obviously didn't need). These cute little travel sprays were 3 for $10 (they're normally $6 each) so clearly I had to grab some! I got Pure Paradise which is a new scent and is very fruity and summery smelling, which I love. I got Pink Chiffon which is very sweet and kind of smells like cotton candy and love. Then I got Country Chic, one of my favorites, which isn't too sweet or feminine, but just mild enough to be a perfect everyday scent. 

Because I was out so much and almost always near a Target or Walmart I picked a few little beauty items. I bought the Maybelline Falsies Mascara ($6) because Tanya Burr always raves about it and I thought I'd try it too (review soon maybe?). Next I got two Color Whisper lip products ($6) which are my all time favorite (definitely a review coming soon). I got Orange Attitude which is a corally-orangey color and very pretty on. And I also got Pin Up Peach which is a sparkly pink and I swear would literally look good on every person. 

While my sisters and I were at Ross shopping for apartment essentials and such, I came across this beauty. Ross has such an amazing selection of dresses right now I had to stop myself from buying more! This dress was $12.99 and the top is sleeveless denim with small silver buttons and the bottom is mint green chiffon. It absolutely lovely on as well! 

Lastly, a purse I ordered from finally arrived! I was in desperate need of a new purse considering my old, brown satchel was--though much loved-- extremely tattered and overused. This purse is a neon pink, cross body and reminds me of a cute little briefcase. I thought this would be perfect for spring and summer months, and also because I wear a lot of muted colors, monochromes and such I though it would brighten up all my outfits! It was originally $40, but I got it for $7.99 with free shipping! 

And thats all for this little haul, hope you enjoyed xx

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