Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ways To Wear ♥ Denim Shirt


Hello! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was planning on doing at least an OOTD, but I was at a hair appointment for 3 hours (hence the temporarily straight/curled hair) and I was just too tired when I got home. But I am here today and being out at the mall yesterday and shopping around got me inspired! While I was in Forever 21 I saw several denim shirts and I kept thinking of all the adorable outfits I could make with them, so I've decided to show you the ways that I wear my favorite denim shirt! Enjoy xx

Denim shirt: Forever 21, $19

Lace dress: Kohls, $20
Skinny belt: came with another dress from Kohls
Combat boots: Forever 21, $15

Extremely similar to my last OOTD!

Shorts: Ross,
Converse: Ebay, $40

Maxi skirt: One similar to this at Tilly's, $23

Sorry for the disgruntled face :/ I was looking RIGHT at the sun!

Lana Del Rey top: Etsy, $20
Shorts: Kohls, $23

 Skater skirt: Kohls, $10

And here's just a couple pictures to brighten your day. As you can tell I was already over the photo shoot by this time. :) xx

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