Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review ♥ Color Whispers

Hello everyone! Another review coming your way! I've found that many people who come on my blog tend to sway towards reading reviews, so I figured I would do more. Today I'll be reviewing the Maybelline Color Whispers, which are my favorite lip products like EVER! And I'm very excited to review them because I just want to wear them all the time!! Enjoy xx

Color Whispers have been my new obsession lately, and literally every time I go to the store I either buy one or spend way too much time in the Maybelline section of the makeup department. I love them because they are a lot lighter than lipsticks, yet still super pigmented. They are a lot more like tinted chapsticks than lipsticks, so they are amazing for hot, sticky days and for those who aren't comfortable enough with a lipstick. They are also super moisturizing, which is great for my over dried lips! I seriously can not rave about these enough, I love them so much!!

The first color is called Cherry On Top, which is the first Color Whisper I ever bought and I was swayed to try it out when Zoella mentioned it in her Florida haul video (I promise I'm not a creepy stalker I just love her videos). Its a bright pinky-magenta and comes out a lot brighter on your lips than it came out in the picture.

The next color is called Orange Attitude (also purchased because of Zoe hehe). I showed this in my last haul post, and have been loving it! Its an orangey-corally color and very pretty on lips. It suits my olive toned skin perfectly :)

The last color, which I also showed in my haul, is called Pin Up Peach. It is a sparkly pink and I feel like it will literally suit any skin tone--it is just so gorgeous!

Thanks for reading!xx


  1. I love Pin Up Peach!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award if you're interested! xx

  2. love you blog, your doing really well xx
    i'd love it if you could check mine out too :)