Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer OOTD: Out & About

 I was out today-- to the dentist (my god it was horrible), visiting my sister, out to lunch, and running errands-- and thought I'd do an outfit of the day. My sister and I found this pretty little spot right outside our dentist and took a few pics :) xx

Top: Kohls
Shorts: Ross
Shoes: Converse 

A very simple outfit today, and quite cheap actually. I got my sheer, cream, button down top from Kohls (a small department store) for around $10. I got the loose, black and floral shorts from Ross (a discount department store) a year or two ago for around $8. My chucks I got off of ebay (but for around the same price as you can get them at for about $50. I hope you all enjoyed! I will definitely be doing more of these soon!! xx


  1. Your blog is so lovely, and your style is so cute!

    Meg xxx

    1. Thank you so much xx Your blog is lovely as well

  2. I love your outfit. The top goes well with the floral short. I love the short too.